Open positions


We are opening several reinforcement learning position at Inria Scool.
One postdoc is about investigating the challenges of Reinforcement Learning  for Real-Life systems. The challenges are inspired from application of sequential decision making to fields like agroecology  and healthcare. This includes this includes advancing questions related to Causal-RL, Contextual-RL and Robust-RL. The postdoc can work more on the theory side or more on the applied side acording ot his/her own taste. On top of traditional RL theory, we are expected to investigate an exciting line of research with formalization and modeling of questions that go beyond mainstream RL.
Another open postdoc position is within the Chaire of Artificial Intelligence AppRenf, and consists in advancing core Reinforcement Learning.
A solid background in Reinforcement Learning or Dynamical systems and Statistics is required.

Please contact O-A. Maillard by email with 3 of your main publications, CV, motivation letter and recommendation letter. The positions can be filled as soon as possible in 2021.


In case you want to apply for PhD, I strongly encourage you to read (a substantial part of) the following books and lecture notes:


Lecture Notes

Interns (summer 2021)

We have a list of (funded) internships proposals, please contact me in case you are interested. We expect students with a solid mathematical background specifically in statistics, information theory and/or dynamical systems.

  • Challenges of Sequential Decision Modelling in AgroEcology: Real-life challenges beyond MDPs. Link.
  • Revisiting Regression Trees and Random Forest with Bandits.

These are intended for Master 2 or outstanding Master 1 students, and generally open the possibility to start a PhD later on. If you are interested, go ahead and contact me directly.



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