Open positions


We have one open postdoc position, under super-vision by OA Maillard on Real-Life Reinforcement Learning Challenges. The topic is on adressing novel challenges in Reinforcement Learning theory  inspired by application of sequential decision making to fields like agroecology. It includes Causal-RL, Contextual-RL and Robust-RL.
Please contact O-A. Maillard with 3 of your main publications, CV, motivation letter and recommendation letter.


In case you want to apply for PhD, I strongly encourage you to read (a substantial part of) the following books and lecture notes:


Lecture Notes

Interns (summer 2021)

We have a list of (funded) internships proposals, please contact me in case you are interested. We expect students with a solid mathematical background specifically in statistics, information theory and/or dynamical systems.

  • Challenges of Sequential Decision Modelling in AgroEcology: Real-life challenges beyond MDPs. Link.
  • Revisiting Regression Trees and Random Forest with Bandits.

These are intended for Master 2 or outstanding Master 1 students, and generally open the possibility to start a PhD later on. If you are interested, go ahead and contact me directly.



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