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Somewhere in Haifa.
Somewhere in Normandie.
Somewhere in Paris.

I am a Neo-Caledonian Viking, full-time researcher (CR-HDR) at INRIA Lille, in the Scool (formerly known as SequeL) team. I was previously (2015-2016) at Inria Saclay, in the TAO team. Before that (February 2013 – May 2014) I was a Postdoctorant at the Technion, then a Senior Researcher at the Technion (June 2014-December 2014) working with Shie Mannor, on the European SUPREL project. Before that, (October 2011 – January 2013) I was doing my first Postdoctorat at University of Leoben, with Peter Auer, within the 4-year European project COMPLACS. I did my PhD in Computer Science and Mathematics at Université of Lille 1. My adviser was Remi Munos (SequeL, INRIA, Lille) and my co-adviser was Philippe Berthet (LSP, IMT, Toulouse).

Here is my curriculum vitae. Here is my Ph.D. dissertation. Here are my (quite old) M1 report in Mathematics, and M1 report in Computer Science. I also wrote, during my PhD, a small fantaisy novel in French, and got a literature award for that from région Midi-Pyrénée.


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Although my research has been primarily focused  on Machine Learning and Mathematical Statistics, it turns out I am alo deeply enthousiastic about all areas in Mathematics and Computer Science, including things like Manifolds, Algebraic Topology, Differential Equations, Number theory, Category Theory,  Topology, Information theory, Signal Processing, Lambda calculus, Algorithmic and Graph theory. I do have a strong bias towards the study of dynamical systems, because it somehow enables (and often requires) to combine a great number of areas from different parts of Mathematics and Computer Science. This may be also the reason why Reinforcement Learning is still not granted as much attention as it deserves, as being at the crossing of so many areas.

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